Ghost "Breaks from hell" 7" - Black
Ghost "Breaks from hell" 7" - Black
Ghost "Breaks from hell" 7" - Black

Ghost "Breaks from hell" 7" - Black

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Ghost "Breaks from hell" 7" - Black

Ghost - 2020 (Limited 200 copies)

I have always wanted to create my own scratch record for years and contribute back to the art form the best way I know how. Finally after years of trying to figure out how I was able to do it. “Breaks From Hell” has been a project on my radar for a long time now... I wanted to make a tool unlike any other in regards to the Horror genre. I wanted to break away from the same old samples that get recycled over and over again. I have compiled a vast mix of melodic sounds, violins, cello, synths, tones, glitchy effects, dialogue, drums, hits, Death Metal Growls, guitar, piano, video game effects, classic scratches with a horror twist and arranged skipless sections and more! The idea was to think outside the box and try to bring fresh and new sample tools that may have not been used yet. As well, resurrect classic scratch samples by adding filters and effects to make them fresh as well maintain the horror theme. I had to incorporate some battle samples and disses into this project as well. Its a must in my opinion!I tried my best to offer a tool that has something for everyone.. Weather you plan to utilize it for a dj battle, competition, creating music, scratch practice, Halloween themed event or just as a novelty to enjoy.

This is my first release and a lot of time and work has gone into it from recording, chopping, arranging and mastering the content to the artwork on the cover and back cover that is from an oil painting I had created recently. I think if your a fan of Horror films and music, scratching and creating music outside the box, this will work for you.

Hope you enjoy because more is coming... Ghost

Created, Recorded, Arranged and Edited by, Ghost