Dope on plastic 4 - Various NMCP Studio / Various Artists (12")
Dope on plastic 4 - Various NMCP Studio / Various Artists (12")

Dope on plastic 4 - Various NMCP Studio / Various Artists (12")

Cut & Paste Records
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CNP014 - Dope on plastic 4 - Various NMCP Studio / Various Artists (12")

2018 - Cut & Paste Records

This 12" record is the fourth installment in the Dope On Plastic series by NMCP Studio from Tver city in Russia... Cut & Paste Records brothers from other mothers.

NMCP Studio have been cutting dubplates featuring music from Russian, European and U.K. beat makers for the last 5 years on a homemade record cutting lathe, designed and built by Noka & M_Cue from the ground up – an insane feat of home-engineering and testament to NMCP's resolve and commitment to the music they love.

The Dope On Plastic series presents a collection of hip-hop and funk influenced instrumental beats from studios far and wide, showcasing some of Earth's finest beat makers. Volumes 1 & 2 were released as box-sets of 7” lathe-cut records, all made one-at-a-time by NMCP. Vol 3 came out on 12” in 2017 and included skipless samples at the end of each side, making the most of the 12” format.

Dope On Plastic 4 strikes a knockout punch right off the kicker with the beautiful flipped jazz rhythms of "World 2 Day" by Green Boodah. Head-nod guru Adlib Swayze rolls through correct with the beautifully off-kilt instrumental track "Still Real". Add beats by Bob Croma, Smuff Tha Quiz, NMCP Studio, Basote Aesthetics, Dani Desh, Klim Beats, Mr Slipz, Planet Ragtime and Boora and you have a collection of underground instrumental tracks from an all-star team of beat makers that effortlessly picks up where Dope On Plastic 3 left off. This slice of of wax firmly deserves a place in any DJ & beat maker's collection.

The connection between NMCP Studio and Cut & Paste Records was born from the scratch game, so it should not surprise you to find skipless skratch loops at the end of each side of this release.

Retailers please note: Cut & Paste Records 7" and 12" vinyl arrive without shrink wrap or plastic polybags as we are trying to do our bit to keep the planet in good shape and we've had feedback that shrink wrap can also warp records and sleeves. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, and thanks for helping us reduce plastic waste!

Black Side : 
World 2 Day – Green Boodah 
Still Real – Adlib Swayze 
Pieces Of Dreams – Bob Croma 
Dark – Smuff Tha Quiz 
DOP4 – NMCP Studio (Noka & M_Cue) 
DATMFs In Da Building – Basote Aesthetics 
Skipless Skratch Samples

White Side : 
Gunmakershit – Dani Desh 
Construction – Klim Beats 
Fennel Tea – Mr Slipz 
Devil - Planet Ragtime 
Mechta – Boora 
Skipless Skratch Samples