The Skratch Society SEVEN 7" Skratch Tool Break Record - Purple
The Skratch Society SEVEN 7" Skratch Tool Break Record - Purple

The Skratch Society SEVEN 7" Skratch Tool Break Record - Purple

Skratch Society
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The Skratch Society SEVEN 7" Skratch Tool Break Record - Purple

Skratch Society - 2023

Introducing an epochal milestone in turntablism evolution – "SEVEN" by Skratch Society and Dj Hypnotize. Embark on an exhilarating odyssey through sound, where audacious creativity meets sonic ingenuity, giving rise to a symphony of rhythm that defies all conventions.

Delve into a realm where vinyl craftsmanship intertwines with avant-garde imagination, as Skratch Society unveils a tour de force featuring 10 mind-bending skratch sentences and 5 meticulously sculpted beats on royal purple wax! Each track stands as a testament to the unsurpassed dexterity and unwavering fervor of turntablists, serving as an unquenchable wellspring of inspiration for both seasoned scratch luminaries and aspiring enthusiasts.

Yet, the magnificence of "SEVEN" doesn't stop there, and features an extraordinary collaboration that promises to reverberate throughout the pantheon of turntablism. a featured track, an ethereal confluence of prowess, unites the indomitable talents of DJ Qbert and Skratchadamus, elevating the sonic landscape to uncharted heights.

Enveloped in an aura of regal splendor, the record itself shimmers with a majestic royal purple hue, a visual embodiment of the opulence that awaits within. As your fingers delicately traverse the grooves, you'll witness the harmonious fusion of innovation and heritage, an homage to the legacy of Skratch Society.

This scratch tool isn't merely a record – it's a paradigm shift. A quintessential asset for every budding turntablist and skratch DJ, "SEVEN" is destined to become an indispensable companion in your sonic endeavors, an embodiment of artistic exploration and sonic wizardry.

But that's not all – those who dare to pre-order this transcendent masterpiece will be granted exclusive access to new tokens from the enigmatic Skratchverse, unlocking unprecedented avenues of connection and collaboration within the turntablism cosmos. (Pre-Orders closed)

Prepare to wield the alchemy of "SEVEN" upon your turntables, kindling flames of innovation and redefining your sonic voyage. Join the ranks of the Skratch Society and immerse yourself in a record that isn't just an auditory experience – it's an immersive movement, a resounding proclamation, and a testament to the limitless horizons of turntablism.