Algoriddim - Djay Official Control Vinyl - Black - 1 Record
Algoriddim - Djay Official Control Vinyl - Black - 1 Record

Algoriddim - Djay Official Control Vinyl - Black - 1 Record

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Algoriddim - Djay Official Control Vinyl - Black - 1 Record

STOKYO has been working on control vinyl for the past 15 years. From our team of DJs, engineers, material experts, and many more involved, we are finally able to call this the perfect vinyl for DJs.

Through hundreds of test presses, material challenges, global compliances, precession adjustments from the boiler room to the cast, our “Shokunin” ethics is translated straight onto our vinyl. From our time, energy, research and devotion, all can be experienced on the new djay Neural Mix vinyl.

"It’s been a journey and we are honored and thankful to have the opportunity to release our newest vinyl with such great friends we have known since their humble beginnings. DJs be ready!!!
Chuck Ono

New DVS format - Neural MixTM Vinyl
Algoriddim revolutionizes DJing with world’s first AI based Digital Vinyl System (DVS) for mobile devices

Also being introduced for the first time, new patent-pending Neural MixTM Vinyl pushes the boundary of DVS technology, offering isolated stems for any song right on the B-side of the control vinyl. Users can simply drop the needle of the analog turntable onto one of three distinct tracks on the physical record to play either the original song, its instrumental version, or the acapella - just like on a 12” single from back in the day. This feature is powered by an enhanced DVS control tone exclusive to djay Pro AI which has a unique control data stream imprinted into the grooves of each of the three distinct sections of the vinyl. This drives the patented Neural MixTM technology running on Mac, iPad, or iPhone, using cutting-edge artificial intelligence to separate any song into its original components in real-time.


- Allows full control of djay on iOS devices via professional analog turntables using special time code vinyl
- Two turntables and an iPhone - Bypasses the need for laptops, computers, or hard-drives in the DJ booth
- DJs can now connect their iOS device directly to their mixing system, optimized user interface automatically adapts when DJ hardware is connected